A Contract Worth Signing

Happiness Is A Contract You Make With Yourself

Happiness Is A Contract You Make With Yourself

In The Present

To Be Present

By Being Present

Right Now Here At This Moment

Not In The Past.


Not In The Future.


Just Being As It Is  Right Now Here In The Moment

 Acting Spontaneously…

Without Any Preconceived Notion, Judgement, Dogma, 

Prejudice or Predicament

 Free From Right and Wrong 

Good and Evil 

Divine and Devil 

Just Witnessing The Moment As It Is 

Without Disturbing Anyone, or Anything No Matter What It Is


Then Something Happens, Spontaneously…

A Higher Intelligence Has Found A Way

To Express Itself Through You

Now You Are a Medium of Divine Expression

Now, the Work is not a Task That You’ve to Complete

But Now, It’s an Affair, a Love-affair, You Can’t Resist Anymore. 

You’ve to do it, not for anyone else, not to impress others,

 but for yourself and You enjoy it.

 You Love It

Even the pain involved in it.

There is a pain but now there is no suffering.

Now you don’t have to think and talk.

There is only one thing and that is


 Storming Action 
That Is

 For others, It’s like a Miracle.

 But for You
 It’s An Everyday Affair.
Now, you don’t have to chase happiness. 

Happiness Chases You Wherever You Go And Whatever You Do.

Now There Is No Separation 


You And Happiness


You Are Happiness.

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  1. I loved ❤️ this one. Your each and every blog post is well crafted. Hats off to your dedication and commitment to write.

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