“Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality.”

—Nikos Kazantzakis

1. Peace of Mind 

The priority must be Peace of Mind. There may be sadness or happiness, but the mind must be free from the disturbing thoughts, as silent as an ocean unaffected by the turbulence of waves going up and down.

It can be accessed through the practice of contemplation and present-moment awareness.

2. Holistic Health

To run a beautiful mind, there must be Holistic Health in all the six realms of Physical, Mental, Emotional, Financial, Social, and Spiritual spheres of the mind-body complex. It’s easily achievable through proper diet, exercise, and rest.

3.  Relationships

Being social animals, humans are not trained to live in exclusion from society. It’s our natural tendency to seek love and appreciation from the members of our family and friends & attention and approval from the other members of the community. 

Hence, Relationships are the key to living a life of harmony with absolute peace and satisfaction

It’s possible to love and be loved by others. By continuously increasing our communication skills, becoming aware of the needs of others, and understanding their way of thinking, there is a certainty to reach a state of mind where we can see them not as a separate fragment but as a part of the whole, inseparable from us.

4. Financial Freedom

Money is one of the greatest inventions of Homo Sapiens, and it’s a common language that everyone understands irrespective of culture, creed, and caste.

To live in a civilized society, wealth creation is a must… 

But how much?

It must be the first question while coming across matters of money.

Understand the differences between the concepts of money, wealth, and freedom.

What exactly do you want?




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