Fear Is the Way to Hell

“Fear kills more people than death.”

― George S Patton Jr

The paradox of fear is that we attract the things we’re most afraid of. If you’re fearful of failure, surely you’ll attract it.

There is no agony greater than constantly living under the fear of something that not even exists in the real World.

Living in fear is like living in hell. Every moment you’re scared of the torture.

You could’ve heard about demons and witches. Our negatively charged thoughts are the monsters we’re fighting.

If we’re unconscious, anyone can come and torture us, but if we’re awake, no one has the power to rule over our emotions.

Become brave enough to fight with your internal demon and witches. They live nowhere except in your brain.

Realize the reality of fear, and you’ll free yourself from the bondage of this mental disease.

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