Health & Fitness

First Warm-up Yourself

You see and work with many of the same people over and over again; they are all specialists in what they do. I could never do their jobs, and they say they wouldn’t know how to start to do a warm-up.

-Randy West

Before beginning any exercise, warm-up is necessary. Please do the introduction if you’re working out in the gym or practicing indoors.

When we wake up in the morning, our body is limp. It’s hard to focus on core exercises. A five to fifteen minutes warm-up will release all the toxicity and resistance in the body.

Don’t think that warm-up is a waste of time. It’s more valuable than the core exercise. Warm-ups help us to tune our bodies with the natural rhythm of the training. It also prevents us from severe injury.

So whenever you’re compelled to jump to the core exercise and skip the warm-up, please remember this sentence: The first fifteen minutes of the workout can make or break you, irrespective of your level of expertise.