How to Leave the Past & Create a Bright Future?

You're not here to eat, play, sleep and mate. You're here to leave a mark on this planet with your work.

“The past has no power over the present moment.”

― Eckhart Tolle

Where is the past?

Except in your mind.

Where is the reality?

Except in the present.

It’s the mind’s habit of thinking about the past and future. Results in life come from action, not by thinking. The more we think less we’re capable of taking action.

The truth is that past can’t be changed in any way, and the future is out of reach. The only thing we can do is to take the right action in the present to create a bright future for ourselves.

We must forgive the past, removing all the emotional baggage we’ve been carrying for years. We’ve to get rid of the pain of guilt and shame.

The moment we recognize the ephemeral nature of life, we’ll find it irrelevant to overthink. Nothing matters except the present moment and how we deal with it.

There is no life in thoughts of the past. It’s dead. The memories that are haunting you are finished. It’s your attention that makes them feel alive.

You can keep on thinking all day, and nothing will change. Take a baby step, do something that propels you towards your goal, and you’ll hit the mark.

My dear friend, irrespective of your past, you’ve got the power to change your life’s destiny. If you keep doing what you did in the past, you’ll remain the same person. But if you commit to changing your destiny, the power will shift to you.

It’s your life story, and you must construct it creatively. You’ve to give it a happy ending with a moral lesson of significant value.

You’re not here just to eat, play, sleep and mate. You’re here to leave a mark on this planet with your work. The future is calling you to write a beautiful life story, and you can report it now in the present.

Start writing now.

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