Focus On The Input

“Set your heart upon your work but never its reward.”

– Lord krishna

It’s our habit to focus on the outcome rather than doing the actual work with complete integrity. We think more about what could be, should, and would be than to feel the present moment doing real work. We procrastinate our work till it becomes necessary. In this way, we do nothing special that can produce extraordinary results and keep blaming others as a hindrance to our success.

We feed our minds with useless information in news and gossip, media, and entertainment. We hear political pundits and religious gurus only to escape from reality to do our work. In any case, we find circumstances that support us with our idea of running from our work.

We hate doing the work that pays us, and we spend recklessly. Now, you tell me that such a poor input can be a sound output with your conscience?

The first thing is that there will be a poor output without an excellent quality of input in your work. So that’s your fault. No one is responsible for your failure if you’re not focused on your work.

The second thing is that there is no guarantee that the reward will come even if you put a hundred percent effort with complete integrity and commitment. The outcome of an event depends on many factors; most of them are unknown variables; hence making peace with failure is an intelligent decision.

When we live in the present moment having a clear and focused mind instead of being positive and hopeful for the future, we’re much better at dealing with reality.

Many people talk about positivity and hope, but I think they’re added sugar in a cup of tea. It increases your blood sugar level and nothing else. Be realistic and focus on the input, and when you get the output, re-evaluate it without the hindrance of thoughts and emotions.

Irrespective of the reward, you’ll be happy and peaceful because you did everything required without wishful thinking.

I think that’s a better way of dealing the reality in an environment where everything is subsequently uncertain. Rest is your choice.

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