Focus On Vital Few…

Mark And Focus ‘Only’ On The 'Vital Few' That Matters The Most For ‘You’... 

“The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.”

Bruce Lee

The Disease

Majority of our results come from a fraction of our actions. 


99.9 per cent times we don’t take any action due to 0.1 per cent causes

Fear, Doubt and Disbelief.

99 out of 100 times we ‘fail before we start’ due to 1 single reason

What People Will Think Of Me.

As if they have nothing to do except thinking about us all day and night.


99 times out of 100, we feel restless, confused and scared because of one thought.  


What if ?.?.?

The Antidote:

Focus ‘only’ on the vital few that matters most to ‘you’.

Trace and write down the one per cent things that give you the constant feeling of worry, guilt, and grief.

Start doing ninety-nine per cent things that give you happiness, peace, and satisfaction.

The majority of our results come from a fraction of our actions.


We Take Action… 

”When We Embrace The Reality 

 Accept The Life As It Is

 Become Enthusiastic About It

And Enjoy Doing What We Love To

99.9 per cent times we get the result of our action due to 0.1 per cent causes

Clarity, Consistency and Discipline

99 out of 100 times we get happiness, peace, and satisfaction in ‘little things where we never expected any trace of it’.

All the real-life problems of each and every sphere of existence comes to an end and specific solutions start to appear once we start connecting to our ‘Authentic True Self’ and start Learning ‘Who We Are’ in this Multiverse of Universes by understanding more and more about body, mind, intellect, and ego.

The irony is that 99.9 per cent of this learning also comes from 0.1 per cent sources of knowledge available on the whole planet.

Once we eradicate the devils of ‘Fear, Greed, and Desire for Power’.

We enter the realm of ‘Bliss, Gratitude, and Non-Duality.

And from there starts the Journey of Complete Well-Being from the boundaries of Finite Thinking of Mind to the Infinite Possibilities of the Self.

A Journey of Complete Satisfaction, Conscious Presence and Pure Bliss arising out of Cosmic Love.

What Else You Want From Life?

Mark And Focus ‘Only’ On The ‘Vital Few’ That Matter The Most For ‘You’… 

…Not The Person Next To You.

We All Have Different Dreams and Desires. 

Don’t Chase The Dream Of Others… 

…Master Your Own Through The Practice Of Awareness. 

Be Your Own Unique Version. 

Do What You Love To Do.

You’ll Get All That You Deserve. 

It’s Your Birthright. 

Wish You All The Best For The Beginning Of A New Life.

May The Peace Be With You. 


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  1. Focus on the vital few ….thanks for addressing such little yet very important topics …I mean clearly people are less worried about their efforts and more worried what the next person presumes and thinks of what they are doing
    Keep on writing 💜

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