Know Yourself

“To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.”

– Socrates

Everything in nature moves in cycles. The day is followed by night. Summer is followed by winter and inhalation is followed by exhalation.

Similarly, success is followed by failure and vice-versa.

Nothing is permanent here, neither happiness nor sadness. Days of dreams, ecstasy and fantasy are soon replaced by nights of reality, pain, and suffering.

High and low test each other resulting in Ego and Enlightenment to accomplish each other.

It’s ironic that people spend their lives in search of life and existence or justifying the concept of divine and devil but never care to observe their breath cycle or listen to their heart beats to understand the Reality as it is.

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But what’s the joy in understanding something so ‘simple’ without making everything ‘complex’ when they can enjoy the taste of suffering for their whole lives wandering here and there to debate, discuss and justify this for that?

You can lecture the baby of a bird right from birth that ‘you can’t fly,’ but once its wings open, it starts flying in the sky, smiling at your sermons.


You can spend the whole of your life lecturing the fish in a pond how to swim perfectly when in reality she doesn’t need your teachings of ‘how to become a perfect swimmer’…

She already is.

If you’re interested in knowing the secrets of creation and sermons of truth

Know yourself and you’ll know everything by ‘yourself’ without the need of anyone else.

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