Guided Meditation: Feel The Fear

Take a deep breath. Feel the breath getting filled in your lungs and belly. Inhale and exhale. Witness the impatience in you, the constant urge to take action. Watch the fluctuation of thoughts. Don’t try to control or change them. Irrespective of their intensity and nature, let them come and go.

Feel the fear in you. Observe the subtle sensations in your hands and the area around your heart. Please don’t fight with the fear or try to overcome it. Witness its effect on the body and mind.

What is fear?

Isn’t that information in your head creating a sensation in your body?

Is that reality or a mental creation?

Can you track the source of these thoughts?

From where do they originate, and where do they annihilate themselves?

Is that a live energy?

Please don’t try to find out an answer. Mere questioning is enough.

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