How To Learn From Your Silly Mistakes?

“Life is like butter – when things cool down, it can be reshaped.”

― Alan Sheinwald, Alan Scheinwald Is Building A Perfect Home

I don’t know if I can build a perfect home or not, but indeed I can create a game plan to learn from my mistakes. Every time I tried, I failed. I stopped hating a failure. It became my best friend.

Every day we make a ton of mistakes getting unnoticed. What do you think if we can catch our silly mistakes and correct them to advance in the future?

If you ask me to pray for one superpower from God, I’ll request him to give me the ability to catch and correct my silly mistakes.

It’s not big mistakes but the small ones that cause our failure. Repeatedly we commit the same mistakes and learn nothing. Since these mistakes are silly, we forgive them but my dear friend, try not to spare a single one you catch.

Remember always,

You’re catching one out of a thousand. The other nine thousand ninety-nine are unobserved and still working against you.

Please don’t show any mercy for this mistake. Learn and correct. It will help you to move a nanometer distance towards your goal. I think it’s a significant error.

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