How to Read a Book Like a Pro?

Try to live the author's words as if they were written exclusively for you as a guideline for your way to success.

A book is a dream you hold in your hands.

– Neil Gaiman

To read a book is like reading a person engraved in the pages of that book- active and talking to you like a friend sharing her experiences of joy and sorrow, failure and success, including a few bits of information that has the potential to transform your life.

When I say reading a book, I don’t mean the same you mean by reading a book. It’s an experience of friendship with the author. She’s talking to you in the best form of written words she can express. This book is about her love affair. She couldn’t have bothered to inscribe her thoughts on paper if that were not the case.

There are gems in her words that came out of suffering and enlightenment. She’s telling you a story about her experience; listen to it like music.

Please don’t read the book with boredom and loneliness but feel the author; her mood, feelings, and emotions. She’s an alive entity.

Try to live the author’s words as if they were written exclusively for you as a guideline for your way to success. Who knows, she has written that book for you, and what you’re holding in your hands is a dream she imagined for you.

After reading this article, your approach to reading will change forever and will always be a smooth experience.

A Note: My dear reader, I don’t know you personally, but since you’re reading my blog, you’re unique to me. Your time is as precious as mine; hence, I try to express myself briefly. I can make any of my blog posts as long as possible, but that will decrease the quality of my effort and waste your time.

I’m an avid reader and arrogant learner who knows much more minor than it needs to know about the world. Creating this lifestyle blog is to introduce my unique lifestyle and present some of my excellent and evil experiences.

It’s a lifetime project that I’ve taken listening to the voice of my heart. It doesn’t pay me anything except more satisfaction than any other endeavor.

I don’t expect anything from you in return because it’s not a service. I’m writing this blog for my satisfaction. You’re giving your time and attention to me; that’s enough. May this blog help you create a lifestyle you can publish online? I’ll be one of your readers if you’re true to yourself.

Thanks for being with me till now.

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