Never Let the Ego Drive your Destination

My dear friend, ego is your greatest enemy. If you're an egoistical person, you'll suffer throughout your life, irrespective of your income and status.

“I would prefer not to.”

― Herman Melville, Bartleby the Scrivener

The habit of the mind is to become egoistic after achieving a minor accomplishment, and we start bragging about it.

A little praise or flattery can blind us to seeing reality as it is. We start exaggerating our potential and become addicted to hyper thinking. We fall as a result.

My dear friend, ego is our greatest enemy. If you’re an egoistical person, you’ll suffer throughout your life, irrespective of income and status.

The ego blocks reality from coming to us as a wall blocks the sunlight entering a room. Forget about success and failure. Become neutral and enjoy life witnessing the truth as it is.

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