The Sense Of Contribution

“Give, even if you only have a little.”

– Buddha

Most of the time, we feel a sense of lack.

We think in terms of poverty.

I don’t have enough money. I’m too little to contribute anything of significance. Even if I contributed a tiny fraction of what I’ve, it doesn’t matter.

These thoughts cripple us.

We forget about those who have little and share from that.

What they’ve is not money but wisdom.

You don’t need to be a millionaire to contribute something of significance. All you need is a sense of contribution and its importance.

As infants, we’ve learned to take from society. Everyone gave us gifts without expecting anything in return. Now, we’re grown-ups. Can’t we learn a little the art of giving?

I’m not encouraging you to enter into a give-and-take relationship with everyone around you. That’s called trading, not a contribution. I’m talking about selfless giving without any expectation.

Do that, and you’ll feel the sense of satisfaction witnessing happiness on the faces of those you gifted something they need, but for that, you’ve to identify their needs, not wishes.

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