The Story Of Life

“Courage Comes On Its Own When We Have A fear Of Boredom And Mediocrity More Than The Fear Of Death.”

A Couple Of Years Back…

The Teacher: Boy. You’ve Got The Talent. You’re humble, intelligent, and have the potential to compete.

Pay more attention to the syllabus, and you’ll increase your marks significantly.

Child: Mam. What exactly I’ll get from that?

Teacher: Already. You’re outstanding in the class.
If you’ll work hard, respect your elders, and do as they tell you…

You’ll Have A Great Story Of Life. 

One day you’ll get an excellent job, and people will respect you and ask for your advice.

Child: Like…
I’m Taking Advice From You.

Teacher: Yeah. Of Course…
Like That.

The Child: Sorry, Mam. 

Few Black Alphabets And Numbers Written On A Piece Of White Paper By Someone Else Doesn’t Have The Power To Write The Story Of My Life.

I’ll Write The Story Of My Life With My Own Hands.


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