What To Do When You’ve No Path In Life?

“Does the walker choose the path, or the path the walker?”

― Garth Nix, Sabriel

Many among us are not lucky enough to get a clear path in life. We feel overwhelmed with grief under pressure, unable to think for ourselves.

With no straight path in life, we get diverted to the roads that no one had ever walked. We don’t know anything about destiny and often encounter hurdles that break our hearts. We want to return, but there is no choice.

Most of us become alcoholics, start taking drugs, or indulge in other kinds of relief-giving addictions. In a short time, we start defaming ourselves with abuse and insult. Smoking and sex have become our second nature.

The addiction to destruction starts taking care of us. Once cute and innocent, in a short period, we become rough and rageous. We begin creating hell for our lives.

Few want to change themselves, and the rest wish to spend their lives with addictions. This blog has been created to help those who want to come back to life.

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading”

― Siddhārtha Gautama

Know your addiction. It can be anything from porn to painkillers. These are destroying your body and mind. If left unchecked, you’ll soon find yourself in a state from where there is no return.

You must have heard about creativity. If you can tune yourself to the creativity within yourself, it will become easy for you to channel your energies constructively. You can create something new in this world.

Think about the possibility of changing your reality with compassion and love. Be grateful that nature gave you one more chance to nurture yourself positively.

Don’t you want to live a happy life working every day with your full potential to reach your dream?

The path you left is still waiting for you to return and start again. It’s the path of beauty and perfection. Follow your creative nature. Chase your curiosity and cure yourself with forgiveness and forgetfulness.

A new life is waiting for you with open arms. Next morning will bring the seeds of hope but only if you’ll prepare yourself today to deal with tomorrow’s realities.

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