Why Are Self-love & Self-respect Essential For Our Complete Well-being?

 “Gonna love myself. No, I don’t need anybody else.” 

Hailee Steinfeld

When we crave love and respect from others, it’s like we give our power to someone outside of ourselves. Now our happiness is a slave of that person. They will make us feel good or bad. But when we love ourselves and have enough respect for our inner-self, we don’t fall into the well of others. We dig our well of being.

As human beings, love and respect are our needs. We can’t live with peace without these two ingredients in our life. But we search for them in the wrong places with the bad people. No one can always love us, giving us enough respect to satisfy our craving for love and respect.

There is one person on this planet who can fulfill our need to be loved and respected all the time. It’s no one else but we, ourselves. When a person loves herself unconditionally and has enough self-respect, she’ll not take any personal comments from others, ensuring her happiness always irrespective of the place and person with whom she’s dealing. No one can make her feel low or sad.

In life, we give more value to the opinion of others. What about our interests?

We can live a life of peace with prosperity only if we’re rich with our hearts. This richness comes from listening to the intuitions that guide us towards success in life. Wherever there is an ingredient of love and respect in our life, self-confidence boosts, giving us extra energy to pursue our dreams and goals.

The purpose of life is not to survive but live with love and respect, expressing our natural desires and fulfilling our dreams. We’ve got a short span of life on earth. There are plenty of lessons to learn. We can’t let others define our boundaries.

Self-love and self-respect are the perfect tools we can use to create a shield of protection that saves us from the emotional attacks of the outside world. The people who have self-love and self-respect never become anxious or get depressed. They trust their intuition. They know the Creator of this Universe love and respect those who have these qualities for themselves.

Solutions appear, and negativity dissolves when we start following the natural rhythm of the Universe. The Creator is always ready to help us only if we dare to ask for help. When we work with integrity loving ourselves the way we are, positive changes start in the form of coincidences. We begin to write new stories and plays of life reflecting the respect we’ve for ourselves.

With time we evolve, and with choice, we start expressing our creativity. We engage in higher dimensions of life, leaving the world of fear, loneliness, guilt, and shame. A miracle of love and respect for ourselves inspires us to go beyond our limitations, breaking the walls of bondage to free ourselves and fly like a bird in the sky.



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