You are more than Good Enough

If you don't see success and prosperity, invest time reading a good book.

“The quieter you become the more you are able to hear.”

– Rumi

I know you’re struggling with a kind of inferiority complex, and I’ve no advice except to say, “You’re more than good enough.”

You’ll discover the Adventure of Life once you commit to walking the way of Truth and Love.

The inferiority complex in you is because of a belief in lack and limitation.

You wish to see life as a straight line, but it’s a zig-zag pathway.

Think once more.

You’re a creator. You have a talent and can leverage it to create anything you wish. It would be best to have an optimistic attitude that can inspire you to write a successful Story of Life.

Suppose you can think of anything, then why do you feel bad about yourself?

You can sit back and laugh at the little miracles of life.

Smile more and regret less. Life is short to waste on things that don’t give you happiness or add value to the life of others.

If you don’t see success and prosperity, invest time reading a good book.

Watch an inspiring movie or listen to your favourite music. Learn how to play the Game of Life.

Picking a good book by a great author would be a healthy investment of both time and money.

Read about her [the author’s] challenges and how she evolved from a mediocre human being to a symbol of excellence.

You can start with You Can Heal Your Life by American author Louise Hay.

Her book penetrate the heart and transform the way we think about ourselves.

Give it a try and believe me, you’ll not regret it. It will pay you more than enough for the time invested in reading about the experiences of this great lady.

You’ll believe the Truth of Life, “You’re more than good enough and deserve the highest possible good in your life.”

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