“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” 

– Buddha

Everyone suffers from guilt and self-hatred, including you and me. We’ve made many mistakes in the past, and now we regret that in the present. We criticize and abuse ourselves for not making the right decisions in the past. We blame our past selves for our present condition.

No one insults us the way we insult ourselves. We seek love in the outer world, but our inner world is filled with resentment and self-pity. Instead of doing what is right in the present, we think about what we did wrong in the past.

Our obsession with the past is the cause of many so-called mental diseases. We keep on playing the same mental movie in our minds repeatedly. Past rules us more than the present.

The way to break the chain of bondage is to forgive. It doesn’t matter what wrong you did in the past; it’s the present where you can make the right decisions to shape your life.

Let go of the past and forgive yourself.

When we forgive ourselves entirely, we become free of resentment of the past we have been carrying for a long time. From here onwards, we start to develop compassion for ourselves. We remove the mental toughness and become as soft as a feather.

With self-love comes the ability to heal ourselves. We start a new life without resentment and guilt. It’s the beginning of a life full of love and gratitude that we always dream of. Every moment we start creating new stories that people love to listen to.

By moving ourselves toward beauty and perfection, we become creative magnets spreading our love wherever we go. We, the kids of God, restore our childish nature and, free from anxiety and depression, live a life of high morals.

Don’t underestimate the power of self-love. It’s the purity of heart with perfection. Forgive and flirt with yourself to create a life of abundance.

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2 thoughts on “How can Self-love Solve all the Problems of your Life?”

  1. Why waste our today by remembering any wrong moments, we should go ahead and love ourselves….
    Sometimes it happens that we forget the old things and move on, but such a time comes. There comes a time when we start remembering the same thing again and then many things start running in our mind….

    I want to ask you a question that when many things are going on in the mind and we are not aware that what is going on in the mind in actual, it would also be happening in that that something is going on in the mind which lasts for a long time. It is going on and more things go on, but we are not able to explain it ourselves, then how do we solve that thing because this thing starts causing a lot of trouble.

    Please you will give its answer in written form and explain it with many details and give it to me…..

    If this problem of mine is solved then I will be very grateful to you…..

    Thank you 🌹🙏❤

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