How to Unlock the Inner Barriers to Creativity?

Take risks and start doing what you're afraid to do.

The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.

– Sylvia Plath

We wait for the perfect moment, and it never comes, or we cannot recognize the opportunity when it appears. What can be done if we don’t believe in ourselves?

We don’t believe in our potential and ask others for guidance who themselves are blocked artists. What answer can they give us when they cannot live their own lives creatively?

Self-doubt is the biggest obstacle to living a creative life. We can’t dream big because we think these dreams can’t come true.

We don’t start a creative project because of fear of failure. We’re ashamed to call ourselves artists because of our limited mindset.

This disease is only cured if we believe in our potential as creative artists. We must return to our childhood to look for our ideal selves.

Once in our childhood, we all were perfect creators. We were brave enough to think and create new ideas. We were willing to live an adventurous life.

Return to your childhood and start doing all those crazy things you were following. Be shameless and speak the truth in front of everyone. What exactly do you want to become?

Remember that without creativity, there is no life. Your creation may be below average, but at least do something. Take risks and start doing what you’re afraid to do.

If you do not return today, you never will come when you can live creatively.

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