Life Of A Lover

The most loving word of vocabulary is ‘Love’ itself. It creates, it organizes and it reflects. A lot can be written, a lot can be said, a lot can be expressed. But there is always some ‘thing’ that can’t be expressed, that can’t be said, that can’t be written.

Like a bumble bee flying from one flower to another

The silky touch of  feathers of a flying bird

Phenomenal inspiration from a shining crystal

Feeling relaxed listening to a lullaby

It’s like looking in the eyes of a child who has been born

Getting stunned to see an angel who has arrived from heavens

Forgetting everything with a gentle touch of the divine mother

Letting the thoughts of everything flip-flop into nowhere 

Chasing a unicorn without a purpose

Finding a belly button

To witness the most articulate form of Reality

Without getting discombobulated

Something that makes no sense

Still the source of every wonder

Every flow of breath in the epoch

An epiphany that it’s there

Millions have questioned its existence

 A few have realized it to know

There is nothing to question

It’s the love itself love it or not

You’ve felt it being in a limerence aquiver, a mellifluous ineffable bombinate petrichor or an iridescent luminescence of serendipity.

Don’t waste your time to understand what it was. It was something, you felt it, now leave it, and move forward.

The fools get stuck converting every non-sense into a sensible statement and getting busy proving every sensible utterance into a non-sense metaphor.

Well, what can be done?

Everyone has his or her own taste.

Find out what’s yours.

Don’t wait for a syzygy or effervescence.

Find your own ‘eloquence’.

It’s all ephemeral.

Whether you like grandeur or love oblivion, it’s your personal choice.

But don’t waste time being supine chasing the ethereal like a somnambulist. 

Defenestrate all that is nefarious and illicit.

Isn’t it sonder and cromulent too?

Often we neglect something that is more powerful and loving, the art of simplicity.

Love is one of the simplest and beautiful creations of ‘something’ that is the source of ‘everything’.

Embrace it, you will love it.

And once you fall in love with it, there is no escape, now you don’t need anything because being in love with infinite you become infinite.

There is nothing to chase to witness what is right now here at this moment.

The life of a lover is simple. Not a single trace of complexity. It’s a flow, like the air or water, as swift as a fire and as gentle as a breeze. It’s the way. The way that leads you to your infinite potential, the ephemeral and ethereal Way of the Cosmos that was, is and will be. You have the potential to realize both, it’s essence and it’s nature because you’re THAT.



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