The Lover’s Choice

Is there a choice my love?

In your eyes I want to get merged

In your heart I want to beat

In your blood I want to flow

In your soul I want to live

Do you know?

There was a time 

When I wanted

To die for you

But now

I want to live with you

Why I love you so much

I don’t know

But one thing is certain

It’s You who keep me alive

I want to live 

But I have no choice

I want to die 

But I have no choice

I can’t die with you

I can’t live without you

Look at the dilemma

Tell me what shall I do

To live or die

What is living If you aren’t 

What is death If you aren’t 

Without you what is life

Without you what is death

I don’t know how to write 

But your love made me

To compose something

Good or bad I don’t know

I want your freedom

I had loved you 

And will continue to love

Till my last day 

Till my last breath

I’m saying something to you

Are you listening to me

I know you’re far away from me

Where my voice can’t reach

Still I can’t stop to talk to you

They say you’re dead

How’s that possible

If that were the truth

I have been died a long ago

I know you’re with me


In my heart as a beat

In my breath as a flow

On my face as a glow

What an insult to my infatuation with you

I need to tell that

I love you

Look what I’ve done with my life

I’ve become a wayfarer

Travelling long distances

On my bare foot

The blood is coming out of my heels

Still I’m moving in search of you

Is there a choice my love?

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